CapitalWorks, a private equity firm located in the Cleveland suburb of Beachwood, has found its niche in the Midwest market. Primarily focusing on acquiring manufacturing and distribution companies in the lower end of the middle market, CapitalWorks learned it needed to offer a management program to help these acquired companies achieve growth and success. They have found measurable success with Six Disciplines’ Total Performance Excellence program.

Defining Goals

Dick Hollington, CapitalWorks President, is the first to admit it is sometimes difficult for the management teams of the acquired companies to develop and successfully execute strategic plans for growth.

“Our belief is that many of the businesses we work with are under-managed,” said Hollington. “A lot of what we can bring to the table is management discipline. We want them to develop a clear strategy and hold them accountable to that strategy. Six Disciplines provides one of the best coaching programs out there.The program allows for development of a strategy and mentors the tools on how to execute and monitor the results. “

Currently, four CapitalWorks portfolio companies have implemented strategies by Six Disciplines with impressive results. All portfolio companies are presented the option of working with Six Disciplines, but it is up to each individual company’s management team to make the commitment to the process and program.