Is hiring a coach your next best move?

Do your executives need an unbiased, external perspective?

Looking for a way to encourage and hold your front-line leaders accountable?

Would you like to be freer from the stress of carrying your organization alone?

Where would you like your organization to be in 3 years? Need help getting there?


Coaching Is Different Than Consulting

A coach does not enter the “game” and make the plays. A coach equips the people on your team to be more effective.

The coaching difference:

  • Our coaches stay with you as long as you want.
  • Our coaches come on-site a minimum of four times per year.
  • Our coaches are not experts in running your business. That’s you. they are experts at helping you implement and effectively use a management system.


An ‘External’ Coach Guides Your Executive Team

Seasoned professionals. Our coaches all have more than 20 years of business experience and are carefully certified by the Six Disciplines Company. Each coach has a desire to serve and is motivated by your success.

Benefits of our external coaches are:

  • Unbiased, external perspective
  • Solutions to many different types of challenges
  • We don’t give advice and leave. Our coaches stick around to guide you in implementing and sustaining your gains
  • Serve as sounding board for CEO or other senior executives

Onsite ‘Internal’ Coaches Assist Your Workgroups

Internal coaches are present when you need them.Each is trained to coach the front-line leaders below the strategy team and their workgroups, reaching everyone in the organization.

Benefits of  ‘internal’ coaches are:

  • They know the organization and its culture
  • They bring an “outside” perspective to the group they are coaching (they don’t coach their own group)
  • Being a coach can take as little as 15% of your time.
  • They are readily accessible, face to face
  • Internal Coaching is not a full-time job so it can used as part of a development program for willing employees.

Workgroup Leaders Engage Your People

We equip your workgroup leaders to coach rather than command. Team leaders are the most important relationship an employee has.

Trained leaders help employees:

  • Get in the right positions
  • Develop and utilize their potential
  • Have high-quality 1:1 conversations
  • Define clear goals aligned with the team
  • Stay focused and accountable