How can your organization become more accountable for its actions? Consider engaging with a seasoned and trained business coach from Six Disciplines. Unlike business consultants and fly-by-night business coaches, our coaches specialize in external accountability coaching to help your organization build a culture of accountability.

First, let’s consider what accountability is, and how Six Disciplines helps build organizational cultures that encourage accountability.

Accountability is not something you “make” people do. It has to be chosen, accepted or agreed upon by the individuals in your organization. People must learn to “buy into” being accountable and responsible. For many, this is a new, unfamiliar, and sometimes, uncomfortable way to work. The most important takeaway? Individual purpose and meaning comes from accepting responsibility and learning to be accountable.

Learning to be accountable means coming to grips with an element of discipline. Accountability is the opposite of permissiveness. Holding people accountable is really about the distribution of power, choice, and trust. When individuals trust each other, they have more choice, and they can become more responsible. When they become more responsible, they can have more freedom. When they are more accountable, they understand their purpose and role within the organization and are committed to making things happen (like executing your strategy).

Building organizational accountability is no longer the domain of “command and control” approaches to performance management. It requires not only a systematic method based on proven best-practices, it also requires software that makes the accountability framework practical to use on a daily, weekly, monthly quarterly and annual basis.

Perhaps most importantly, building organizational accountability also takes an external accountability coach to hold you and your organization accountable and to help these cultural changes “stick” – and to make the changes last for the long term.

Think external accountability coaching from Six Disciplines won’t work in YOUR organization? Think again!

Consider some of these candid testimonials from our customers:

“The unique difference of Six Disciplines, which provides an outstanding blueprint for sustainable excellence, it that it is supported by useful software tools and an extraordinary coaching program.” ~ PRO-TEC Coating Company (a former Baldrige National Quality Award Recipient)

“After completing our Six Disciplines Strategic Planning retreat, I am convinced that the facilitated team approach to creating a plan, and the accountability created by systematically executing the plan, will achieve lasting success for Greto Corporation.” ~ Greto Corp

“The Six Disciplines program provides focus on our goals and accountability for our team members. But we felt that the ongoing coaching with Six Disciplines was what set the program apart from others. We are excited to see where our partnership leads us.” ~ BR Telephone Company

“By using the Six Disciplines system, we were able to achieve our desired results on time and on budget . The Six Disciplines system has forced us to become more accountable to ourselves and others. It has also forced us to define measurable goals and objectives that serve as litmus tests as we look to implement new ideas/products.” ~Findlay Publishing Company

Let’s start the conversation today about your organization’s need for building a culture of accountability.