If you’re like many senior executives, perhaps you’ve reached a point in your career when you find yourself reflecting: “With all of the experience I’ve gained over the years, how can I help serve others with my expertise?”  

Sure, you could continue slogging away in the 8-to-5 corporate world, or you could become an independent consultant. Or maybe you’re investigating business coaching as your next move. While there are a number of quality franchise alternatives in the business coaching arena, each has a long list of “cons” that can easily outweigh the “pros”.  

If this sounds like you – let us introduce you to a non-franchise alternative to business coaching:  The Six Disciplines Business Coaching Certification Program.

The Six Disciplines business coaching opportunity demands a passion for excellence, a commitment to serve others, to help others succeed, a strong work ethic, and persistence. All our top coaches had prior careers as CEOs or top-level executives.

As a Six Disciplines business coach, you’ll have the flexibility to decide what types of customers to serve, what types of industries to focus on, and how many customers you are willing and able to serve. Frankly, you can generate comfortable income with as few as 5-7 customers, and Six Disciplines enables you to generate recurring revenue for your services.

At Six Disciplines, we’re actively expanding our business coaching network with qualified management consulting, HR, and organizational development professions that have a proven track record for providing strategic, operational, or IT consulting services to their customers. And Six Disciplines offers a LONG list of benefits, as we’re not operating under the franchise model.

Take the time now to download our new eBook:  “The Smart Alternative to Franchises: Becoming a Six Disciplines Business Coach” and see if this opportunity makes sense as your next career move.

Becoming a Business Coach Without The Hassle of a Franchise 1