The performance management industry is changing so quickly today, it can be as hilariously frustrating as the famous Abbott and Costello routine “Who’s On First, What’s On Second, and I Don’t Know’s on Third
When it comes to performance management systems, processes and software, one thing’s for sure: the industry is changing so quickly, it’ll make your head spin faster than watching a 98 MPH curveball! Even the term “performance management” encompasses so much more today than the former definition that focused only on performance reviews, and performance appraisals.  In the recent Fast Company article “Ready To Scrap Your Annual Performance Review? Try These Alternatives”, the author suggests “it’s no secret that performance reviews have been on deathwatch in recent years.” Today, the realm of performance management embraces a wide range of issue and solutions, including employee engagement, transparency, accountability, leadership development, continuous improvement, strategic planning, OKRs, resource alignment, strategy execution – and everything in between. So, it begs the question: in performance management, who’s on first? Is it the system, is it the processes, or is it the software? Who’s On First? A System Is On First. A repeatable methodology of organizational best-practices. What’s On Second? Processes Are On Second. I Don’t Know’s On Third?  (Performance Management) Software Is On Third. Here’s a short video about how performance management software supports “Who’s On First, and What’s on Second.” Find out how Six Disciplines makes the performance management system, processes, and software all tie together into a single, cohesive (and affordable) program.


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