Six Disciplines, a Solomon Cloud Solutions company, and sister company of Beyond Software, announces that it has released its new Action Manager app to the Apple App Store. This application provides To Do list tracking and is also tightly integrated to support the complete Six Disciplines strategy execution program. Other features include flagging items for one or more team meeting agendas, routing emails to Action Manager for follow-up, delegation of Tasks to others, and associating Actions with the projects or goals that they were created to support.

CEO Gary Harpst states, “This is the first To Do system that allows me to keep track of personal items, private items, and business items I want to delegate to others. It also allows me to think through my goals once a week and record what I need to get done next. And it is always with me on my phone whenever I need it. I am our biggest critic because like everyone else, I don’t have time for things that don’t save me time or make my job easier.”

Harpst also states, “the release of Action Manager is doubly significant because it is the first product released that is developed on our new Solomon Cloud Tools”.

Six Disciplines is a division of the Solomon Cloud Solutions family of products and services. Solomon Cloud Solutions is a software publisher and consulting organization that provides development and consulting services to partners. Solomon Cloud Solutions was formed specifically to develop a complete cloud platform to accelerate development and deployment of our cloud based business solutions across our family of companies and our business partners. The Solomon Cloud Solutions companies operate under the brand names of Six Disciplines – publisher of performance management software, methodology and coaching and Beyond Software – publisher of project accounting software and are owned by Gary Harpst, Vernon Strong and Jack Ridge.