A Stark Warning To Organizations That Are Not Purpose-Driven 1

According to the most recent Deloitte Millennial Survey released January 2019, where the firm surveyed 13,416 millennials and 3,009 Gen Z youth from around the globe, a dark and foreboding pattern is emerging – and it should serve as a warning to organizations that will increasingly rely on these new generations of workers. Survey respondents in these two generations feel there is now a significant gap between what businesses say their purpose is and how they are, in fact, operating.

Note the following massive changes in perception in millennial and Gen Z opinion – in just two years.

    • Do businesses behave ethically? (49% agreed in 2019 vs. 65% in 2017)
    • Are business leaders committed to helping improve society? (45% agreed in 2019 vs. 62% in 2017)

Two additional findings paint a pessimistic picture:

    • 76% believe leaders/business focus on their own agendas rather than considering the wider society
    • 64% think leaders/business have no ambition beyond wanting to make money

Keep in mind, these two age groups ARE the future of work – they are your organization’s talent pool of future leaders. Employee recruitment and employee retention are depending on them. If your organization is not currently assessing what you need to do to realign toward becoming purpose-driven, the author warns this “mindset is naïve and terribly backward-thinking.” If your organization is serious about relevance in this next era of work, consider this your wake-up call.

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(This post was originally published on June 8th, 2018 and has been updated based on current data)



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