As a seasoned business person, have you considered your next career move?  An increasing number of professionals are considering the entrepreneurial route, and they’re investigating a business coaching opportunity because of its benefits and advantages.

If you’re looking at business coaching opportunities (particularly business coaching franchise opportunities) you owe it to yourself to be smart, and do your due diligence by finding out the answers to these seven questions BEFORE you make a final decision.

1.  What is the opportunity (what is the product or service being offered)?

2.  What kind of revenue can it generate?

3.  What is the investment required to make the opportunity work?

4.  How long will it take for the opportunity to generate revenue?

5.  What do others who have committed to this opportunity say about it?

6.  Is this opportunity for me (can I see myself actually doing this)?

7.  How does this opportunity compare to other alternatives?

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