Biblical Leadership Development

Build “People-First” Leaders

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Do you have A Systematic Way to DEVELOP PRINCIPLE-CENTERED Leaders?

  • Do foundational principles undergird everything your organization does?
  • Are your leaders being developed with a framework aligned with those principles?
  • Are people engaged at both a mind and heart level around the purpose of your organization?
  • Are you pleased with the development of your leaders?

Build a “people-first” foundation and integrate management processes and data-driven learning to support your leaders.

Why choose our biblical leadership model?

People Centered

Put people skills first to sustain lasting success.


Build the process skills required to define and align people around purpose. 

Principle Based

Use timeless, unchanging truths to overcome the chaos of an ever-changing world.

Leadership Built On 6 Foundational Biblical Principles

Biblical leadership 1

Human Worth

Treat everyone as of great worth. Why? Because they are created by God and in His image.

Biblical leadership 2

Human Purpose

Everyone is created to win” at something. The biblical terms are ”overcome”, “dominion” and “rule”. Leadership is about defining what winning means and helping people win. 

Biblical leadership 3

Human Design

We are given a heart, mind,  & imagination that shapes our actions. This interaction explains our behavior.

Biblical leadership 4

Human Relationships

We can’t “win” without working with others. The Bible is about right relationships with self, each other, and God.

Biblical leadership 5

Human Growth

People must learn & grow to fulfill their purpose. We learn by best by doing and mentorship.

Biblical leadership 6

Holiness of Work

Biblically anything that serves God’s purposes is defined as “holy”. God commissioned us to work, so work is holy. Leading yourself and others is holy.

Biblical leadership 7

How Our Program Works

Biblical leadership 8
  1. We start with what effective leaders need to know, do, and be. This is based on the biblical model of how desire, reason, intention and action interact.
  2. Next, we introduce a data-driven platform that reinforces day-to-day leadership functions.
  3. Last we introduce just-in-time learning and mentoring to integrate best practices for immediate application and to transform them into sustainable habits.

Our four-step implementation process makes it easy for you to decide whether this is right for you.

1 - Schedule a coaching call

Discuss your needs and how LeadFirst can help. 

2 - Team Readiness Assessment

Team developmental benchmark and Emotional Intelligence Profile.



3 - Plan the Implementation

Teams, schedules, development priorities.


4 - Lead your Business Forward

Set business targets, align and engage teams, develop skills. establish order and consistency as you grow.


7 Key Findings on what Drives Performance and Engagement

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What came as a result blew us away. It pulled back the curtain and gave us a window into what motivates people to engage and perform better.

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FAQ’S On Biblical Leadership

What is meant by "Biblical Leadership"?

The Bible explains why we exist and how we are designed. These insights help explain why we behave the way we do. It also provides principles for how we overcome the chaos within and chaos in relationships with others. Biblical leadership means knowing how to define purpose and organize ourselves and others to pursue those purposes in effective ways.  Its emphasis is on healthy relationships as an enduring set of skills and innovation to find new ways to achieve new things. 

Do these principles apply to non-religious organizations?

Absolutely. Similar to the laws of physics, human relationships are governed by laws that transcend all of our world views. Billions of people have grown to realize that honesty, loving and caring, responsibility, accountability, patience, kindness are all basic building blocks of families, businesses and society itself. In spite of our differences we are alike in the desire to discover truth and align our lives around it.

What separates "biblical leadership" from "standard leadership"?

The biblical perspective is that good relationships with self, family, co-workers and even God Himself are the foundation upon which all human achievement and fulfillment is built. The Bible explains that we are created to win. It describes this drive using strong terms like – dominion, overcoming, ruling and mastery. This drive often overwhelms the relational side of our life and the result is that relationships, organizations and societies that don’t last. Biblical leadership is people centered and purpose driven but in balance.

Do you reference leadership principles not found in the Bible?

Yes. The Bible teaches that we are created in God’s image with the drive to create and build and win. This drive is expressed in every aspect of life from artistic expression, climbing mountains, cooking meals, raising a family, and building businesses. As a result of this creative drive over the centuries we have much more knowledge we have to harness to be effective. Our progress in medicine, technology, manufacturing and transportation are just a few of the areas that leaders must apply. The idea of learning is God-given and built into our DNA so any effective leadership program has to have continuous applied learning as a major component. The principle of learning is biblical but the actual content to learn continues to advance.